Solving Problems with Sats

🕥 Problems are plentiful in our current system. Absent of a sound savings vehicle, people around the world are stuck searching for where to store the output of their hard work. Their time. Your company may be expanding the capacity and adoption of the savings lifeboat that is Bitcoin, via education and on-ramps.

⚡You may be plugging into an open network which is growing lightning-fast, one that will accelerate internet payments into the 22nd century. Free from high fees and dependencies on banking institutions. Streaming money is ready for the masses and boy is it exciting!

Whichever customer problem you are looking to solve, I'd love to hear from you...

What I will do

😵‍💫 From Day 1, I'll have my laser eyes on the most pressing customer problems. I will speak to your customers and conduct user interviews, surveys and get 'stuck-in' on the helpdesk to understand what people are experiencing. I will also get to know the team and how they see the product evolving, building a picture of what the roadmap should look like. As well as documenting what end users & customers need to know!

✍️ Over the course of the coming weeks and months, I will keep refining our hit-list, drafting stories, specifications and logging everything in Jira to maintain a flawless schedule. Running ceremonies, raising tickets and interacting with tech, design and QA leads will ensure everyone is motivated and excited by our objectives.

📈 As the product evolves, I will be validating results with customers, crunching the numbers, drafting surveys, interviewing end users and writing SQL queries to quantify our impact. This will determine whether to a) revisit our assumptions of the problem, b) pivot or c) double-down on successes.


  • Mentality - Hands-on and continuous learner ♻️
  • Customer Champion - Interviews, surveys, UX design
  • Technical - Swift, Java, HTML, CSS + APIs
  • Tools - Xcode, Android Studio, Git, GitHub
  • Analysis - SQL queries
  • Jira - Creating epics, backlogs and templates
  • Design tools - Familiar with Figma/Sketch/InVision/Miro
  • Product - Able to motivate & influence others
  • Commercial - Negotiation and maximimising performance with third parties
  • Spanish - Intermediate and experienced in localising apps
  • Importantly - Saver & hoarder of Satoshis

How to reach out to me

If you are looking for a Product Manager, Project Manager or a hands-on HODLer of customer problems, please reach out. I am 100% committed to my next role being one that contributes to the Bitcoin ecosystem and so even if you are not actively recruiting at this time, I would love to hear about your plans.