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Bitcoin is for anyone & everyone. It's creating a future-focused, truth-seeking & borderless society, that will flourish for centuries to come 🌱

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Bitcoin is important

What is special about Bitcoin?

Everyone can participate

This is the first truly global inclusive asset. Anyone can mine or send satoshis.

Truth machine

Bitcoin allows any and every person to verify the chain history without third parties.

Strengthens every 10 mins

Every 600 seconds the network welcomes new people & becomes even more secure.

Investing in the future

No more misallocations of capital. Invest in future growth & tech not copycat unicorns.

Open network

Every contribution to Bitcoin benefits all people, companies & countries that adopt it.

Aligns incentives

Platforms will incentivise everyone to earn & spend sats. The ultimate social network.

Accelerates green future

Miners seek cheap green energy. Bitcoin propels us to renewable energy abundance.

Fast & future-proof

Scalable for the entire world's transactions. Thanks to 2nd & 3rd layer innovations.


Mining difficulty adjusts for a steady supply. It adapts & grows stronger to each threat.

Humanity Go Up 👆

The most exciting
savings technology

Long-term money inspires long-term decision making. Humans can now protect their time like never before. We can now invest in an abundant future without borrowing from it.

Reach out and let's accelerate Hyperbitcoinisation 🚀

Open Source 👀

Accept Bitcoin on your site in 48 hours

Get help setting-up the tools to accept Bitcoin payments online. Start receiving Bitcoin for your products & services within 2 days. We'll then look into more complex infrastructure together with this open network.

Lightning Fast ⚡

How internet payments should be

No more over-priced subscriptions

Pay for products & content you 🧡. Every person will save $$$$s each year via value for value.

Private by default

Keep your shopping habits to yourself. Being tracked across the web is a no-go with lightning.

Instant & free

Pay your friends and family or for your favourite products, without incurring crazy delays or fees.

New innovations 💡

The incentives to both mine & spend Bitcoin are leading to incredible efficiencies in the 2020s. Ground-breaking projects will emerge, leading to a new digital revolution centred around the individual.

Myths about itcoin

Answers to the questions heard since 2015

It's bad for the environment 🌴

Contrary to what you may read, Bitcoin does NOT use a lot of energy. It uses a tiny fraction of social media platforms, tumble-driers or our current financial system. It even uses less than the world's televisions left on standby.

It also incentivises the roll-out of green energy infrastructure - as it can be powered up and down at will - allowing energy grids to be built over-capacity.

There's not enough for everyone 💸

Every Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million pieces - 100,000,000 satoshis. Satoshis are the currency of the internet and are getting more evenly distributed over time, as people spend their coins and indulge in new life purchases.

Yes, there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in circulation. It is becoming easier each day to earn & receive satoshis for your participation in society.

It's too difficult to understand 🤯

There are countless resources available today - you just need to take the time to absorb them. There's no shortage of books, podcasts & material in an easy to read format to get yourself, friends or family started. Novice or nerd.

Governments will ban it 🚫

They may well try. Bitcoin is simply code that can be run anywhere, anytime. While they may restrict purchases in & out of Bitcoin or apply penalties for transacting; they cannot prevent transactions. Like they can't delete the internet.

It can be hacked 🪓

In it's early years a few bugs were found. The Bitcoin network has had 99.98% uptime in its 13 year history, backed by the worlds largest security network.

A private key, an exchange or an individual owner's Bitcoin can be 'hacked' or 'phished', but it is extremely unlikely the network itself will be. For that reason, it is important to HODL your own keys.

Other coins & projects are better 🤣

There will likely only ever be one decentralised money. Bitcoin has no leader. Satoshi Nakamoto, its founder created a near-perfectly fair distribution in its early years and then disappeared.

For that reason bitcoiners can be abrupt at the mention of the words 'blockchain', 'proof of stake' or 'altcoin'. They will not compete as money.

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