Products with 🎨
polish & purpose

Problems are best solved by speaking to customers early & often. Validating ideas before designing or coding.

User Research

Speaking to customers every week via surveys, interviews or the helpdesk is priceless.

UX Design

Simple customer journeys. Solving the right problem rather than adding features.

Fail Fast

Quick iteration through user testing is key to success. New data brings new insights.


Removing features & clutter from roadmaps helps focus on important value-adds.

Analytical Focus

Constantly running SQL queries & analytics for new insights on existing users.

Growth Hacks

Segmenting user profiles & continuous experimentation to boost conversion & value.

Develop & deploy
with speed ⚡

Self-taught in programming (inc. Swift, Java, Kotlin, JS). Complex technical projects easily understood.


Retaining a keen eye on how things get done & why. Creating PRs & commits.

Jira Juggler

Raising & prioritising tickets for developers, removing ambiguity from releases.

Tests Like The Best

Makes time to test all new features on device(s) pre-release. A part of QA.


Experienced at optimising app content to reach a global audience.

Business brains
🧠 for success

Proven track record of delivering tangible value & outcomes in Product Management and Procurement.

Customer Acquisition

Optimising onboarding & marketing to provide a clear journey for customers to their perfect product.

Blue-Ocean Thinking

Finding creative new opportunities. Vast, profitable & untapped ideas. No longer competing on price.

Project Delivery

Experienced in delivery, inc. interviewing & hiring new developers, designers & colleagues.

Negotiation Skills

Whether with third party vendors or internal stakeholders. Developing win-wins where all parties are happy.

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